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The company

Heinrich Sports was founded in 2006 and since that time we have consistently grown and have established a network of reliable and trustful with teams and partners worldwide. Heinrich Sports has two main offices to provide full-time services for our clients. The main office is based in Fürstenfeld, Austria, while the recruitment and training hub is located in Atlanta, Georgia.

For our recruiting we use different scouts in the United States as well as in other parts of the world. We evaluate our potential clients for a long period of time so that we are able to present all necessary information to any team interested. It’s not only important for us to find talented players; we are also looking for athletes with good character on and off the court.

Heinrich Sports focuses on the individual needs of each client and their families. We pride ourselves on being a very professional, loyal, honest and hard-working management agency that emphasizes the development, improvement and longevity of each player’s career.

Besides the regular tasks of a basketball agency we provide several other services to our clients. We don’t only want place our clients, we are determined to improve the basketball player as well as the individual person each and every year. Additionally Heinrich Sports offers their clients the following services:

  • Career Planning & Counseling
  • Tax advice and counseling through professionals in their countries
  • NBA pre-draft preparation through NBPA certified agents
  • Individual workouts during the summer
  • Talent showcase
  • Financial & insurance advice through a German Insurance Company specializing on advising professional athletes
  • Personalized marketing through a partner agency
  • Assistance in finding opportunities to participate in summer camps/summer leagues

The mission

Our mission is to provide the best athletic potential and talent to professional teams and educational institutions around the globe. Heinrich Sports posses the passion for sports.

The athletic talent that is available around the world grows dramatically and there is a high demand for professional representation as it increases your chances on becoming a professional basketball player.

Heinrich Sports ensures to negotiate the best possible professional contract for our clients. This means that we aren’t only looking at the highest possible amount of money but at the best possible overall package for each player based on their personal needs and career goals. This package includes the role on the team, the teams’ possible strengths within their league, bonuses and other amenities. In the end of each negotiation, we will present all details to our clients and to assist them in making career decisions. We aim to give our professional advice to each client, but respect and honor the final decision made by each individual client.

Besides helping clients reach their short term goal of becoming a professional basketball player, Heinrich Sports strives to assist each client in making long-term goals. By focusing on our clients getting better, we put them in a great positon to have a successful career. In addition to helping with contract negotiations, Heinrich Sports offers as much off-court input as possible, because at the end of the season every interested team will come back to the previous team to get some feedback from their management and coaching staff. This means that we have to make sure that every team can only report positive things about our clients, on or off court.

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